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Welcome To Sharpe Tree Services 

Sharpe Tree Services undertake both domestic and commercial tree and hedge works and vegetation management.

We have a dedicated team of highly motivated and professional arborists that carryout all work to the latest British standards of tree work. From small garden tree surgery to large scale commercial Arboriculture works and also forestry operations.

Tree Surgeon in Ross-Shire

If you are looking for a professional tree surgeon in Ross-Shire, request a quote from Sharpe Tree Services today. We have 27 years experience in all aspects of tree work and forestry operations. We specialise in tree dismantling operations and pruning of trees that are in very close proximity to buildings, telephone and power lines. Sharpe Tree Services carry out road side tree removal as per chapter 8. 

We are very well equipped and have all the plant, machinery and equipment needed for any job. 

Sharpe Tree Services have fully qualified and trained tree staff carrying out tree climbing operations. We cover the whole of the Highland areas with our tree services including Ross-Shire, Inverness, Sutherland, Lairg, Caithness and the isles.


Tree Surgery Advice and Tree Services Ross-Shire

We can offer you professional advice regarding your trees from pruning to management and we can also advise on current tree diseases in the local area. Dutch Elm disease in the Ross-Shire and Highland area has been at epidemic levels in the past 10 years and is still spreading fast, if you believe your Elm tree is infected it should be felled as soon as possible to prevent further spread of the disease. We can also arrange the application process to the Highland council for trees located in tree preservation areas and conservation areas in the Highlands. 

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 Tree Surgery in Ross-Shire and Inverness

For 27 years Sharpe Tree Services have felled dangerous and unwanted trees in the Ross-Shire and Highland area. If you want a team of friendly, professional tree surgeons to take care of your trees, please call us. Because our team of tree surgeons (or arborists) work closely to the guidelines in British Standard BS 3998 (1989) you can expect an exceptional service every time you choose us.

Tree Felling in Ross-Shire 

Do you need to clear a space or remove a dangerous tree? Our friendly team of tree surgeons can fell any tree – so whatever your situation please give us a call for your free quote.

To get your free quote call  01862 892210


Tree Pruning in Ross-Shire

Pruning of trees must always be done with great care and at the right time of year, that’s why we assess each of your trees before making a single cut. Our friendly team of trained arborists will leave your trees in a healthy and well-balanced condition.


Tree Stump Removal in Ross-Shire 

Tree stumps can be an unsightly blot on your landscape. But tree stumps are easily removed. If you would like to reclaim space by removing tree stumps, give us a call. Our skilled arborists use hand tools or a stump grinder to remove any stump. We’ll also fill in the hole with soil or grinding waste, leaving your garden in a clean condition.


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Tree Planting in Ross-Shire 

New trees can bring so much to a garden or green space, adding colour, shade, texture and privacy. If you’re investing in new trees, trust our trained arborists to plant them with care. We will make sure that your new trees get a good start in life. We can advise on species that could be planted and advise on staking, protection and after care. 

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Hedge Trimming in Ross-Shire

Hedge trimming can be very frustrating, especially if hours of battling against wild hedges brings you nothing but untidy results. Our experienced tree surgeons are expert hedge trimmers, and will soon achieve the neatly ordered hedgerows that you want. We undertake all types and sizes of hedges and we can also fully remove any unwanted hedging.

Vegetation Management Ross-Shire and the Highlands

Sharpe Tree Services carry out the removal of any unwanted vegetation, at ground level, all sites can be fully cleared of any vegetation including Rhododendrons and Gorse to grass and weeds. At roof height all types of vegetation can be removed from gutters and flat roof areas on domestic and commercial sites, including Ivy, grass and sediment build up, sapling establishment and moss.


Pollarding in Ross-Shire 

Pollarding (topping) and re-pollarding is type of pruning that may be required to keep some tree species (including poplar and willow) under control. Our trained tree surgeons are skilled at pollarding trees without stressing your trees, leaving them in a healthy, stable condition.

To get your free quote cal 01862 892210

24 Emergency call out Ross-Shire

We offer a 24 hour emergency tree call out service in Ross-Shire and the Highlands to deal with any fallen or partially fallen trees. We can make any tree safe in the most demanding location and weather that has become dangerous.

For All Emergencies Please Telephone: 07821 487272

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